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What’s in My Diaper Caddy? 3-6 Months

Do you have a diaper caddy? I didn’t have one when I had my first baby and I SO wish I had! It is super useful to have a portable caddy to hold baby essentials and general mom items. I am not only able to have the things I need at arms reach when I need them, but I am also able to keep track of these essential items much easier than when they are scattered throughout my house (anyone else lose everything? There is no way it’s just me).

This caddy was SUPER helpful especially in the first couple of weeks after baby boy was born. I had some, erm, let’s call them “difficulties” postpartum, and I was confined to the couch for much of that time. In this post, you will learn how we’re using our diaper caddy now that my baby is getting older.

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About My Diaper Caddy

We bought our diaper caddy from Amazon while we were getting ready to have our second baby. It is made out of a nice, soft high quality felt, and it has three large interior pockets. The dividers in the caddy are removable, so the interior pockets are customizable, to a degree. At the time of purchase, our caddy came with two super cute drool bibs and two pacifier clips.

What’s in My Diaper Caddy

In the beginning, I did pack this caddy somewhat differently. If you are interested in me writing a post about how I packed it during the newborn/0-3 month stage, please let me know in the comments and I would love to write that. I think I spent maybe $20 bucks on my caddy, and it has been worth every penny. While the one I got works great for us, I know a lot of companies make similar ones, so I definitely recommend doing your own research and finding one that works perfectly for your needs.

Large Pocket #1

Generally, I like to keep mostly diapers in this pocket. Because we use cloth diapers, they do tend to take up a bit more space than disposable diapers would. Yet, I find I have plenty of room for all the items I use throughout the day. I normally can fit 5 or 6 diapers in this pocket, which is more than enough for a day (I do still use my changing table upstairs for some of the changes).

Another thing I sometimes keep in this pocket is my bullet journal or a notebook. I like to write down ideas or to-do items as soon as I think of them, because I am a very (VERY) forgetful person. It is extremely helpful for me to have a notebook nearby to get all of my thoughts down before they slip right out of my head.

Large Pocket #2

In this pocket, I keep all of my diapering “extras”. This means my spray bottle with water for my wipes, my cloth wipes, and sometimes extra prefolds. I may also have a couple of burp cloths and a baby blanket in this pocket. One other thing I like to keep in here is a changing pad or a dish towel (to use as a changing pad).

Large Pocket #3

This pocket possibly has the most random assortment of items. Items I usually have in this pocket may include: baby toys (I think it is always a good idea to have baby toys nearby, especially for diaper changes once baby starts rolling around.), an extra set of clothes (because, you know), a drool bib or two, and a pack of disposable wipes.

Now, you may be wondering. Why do I need disposable wipes if I use cloth wipes with my diapers? Great question, you! I love having disposable wipes floating around the house (and the car). They are just so handy. Let’s face it; kids are messy. Like, REALLY messy. I use these wipes for the random snot here, spit-up there, sticky fingers over there, and dirty feet WAAAAAYYY over there. Plus, they make a good backup in the unlikely situation that I run out of cloth wipes.

Small Side Pockets

This caddy has 8 small side pockets. We don’t keep much in there right now, but I always like to have my baby nail clippers and nail file in a pocket, and an extra set of nursing pads in a pocket. Examples of other things I might keep in these pockets from time to time include: my earbuds, rash cream, nipple balm, chapstick, an extra pen or pencil, a pad of post-it notes, travel tissues, etc.

How We Use Our Diaper Caddy

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of this diaper caddy. While the items I listed above don’t strictly stay in the pocket I mentioned (they may migrate between the different pockets from time to time), this is generally what I keep in my caddy.

Right now, we keep our diaper caddy in the living room. I use it for diaper changes throughout the day when I’m not feeling like hiking all the way upstairs to my changing table. However, now that my baby is getting older, he isn’t needing nearly as many diaper changes as he did a few months ago. I’m considering moving the caddy out to the car soon to use to organize all the kid stuff out there (and oh man, how it accumulates). What are your thoughts? Do you user a diaper caddy?

Whats in my diaper caddy as a cloth diaper mom #diaperorganization #clothdiapermom

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