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How to fold a prefold cloth diaper

How to Fold a Prefold: 5 Ways

Want to know how to fold a prefold diaper? Here are 5 ways. I hope you find this guide helpful and informative!

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1. Pad Fold

To use the pad fold, simply fold the “wings” to overlap the center third of the prefold, to create one big pad shape. Alternatively, you could fold the whole thing the other way (top to bottom rather than side to side). I’ve heard this works well if you have a girl, because the most absorbency is in the middle. I obviously can’t attest to that since I have two boys. Try it and let me know if it works!

The pad fold is great for: convenience, speed, lazy people (like me).

2. Angel Fold

How to fold a prefold Angel

To use the angel fold, just fold the two sides towards the inside, similarly to the pad fold. Unlike the pad fold, you want to leave two little “wings” near the top. This part will go behind your baby and allow you to secure the diaper into place.

The angel fold is great for: beginners, a trim fit.

3. Newspaper Fold

The newspaper fold is a lot like the angel fold, except you want to fold the bottom (or top) down before folding the wings in. This works especially well if your prefolds are “too long” of a rectangle (rather than the more squarish shape like I have pictured above).

The Newspaper fold is great for: increasing absorbency in the front (boys), or in the back (girls, if using behind fold rather than front fold).

4. Bikini Fold

How to fold a prefold bikini

For the bikini fold, hold the bottom edge of the prefold and flip it over to form a twist. The result should resemble a bikini shape. Place your baby down, fold the front part over them, and secure!

The Bikini fold is great for: more absorbency in the crotch area (girls).

5. Jellyroll Fold

How to fold a prefold Jellyroll

I find the jellyroll fold to work best if I place baby down first before any folding. Roll each side of the prefold (tightly), and fold the front of it over baby. Secure into place using “wings” in the back of the prefold, and you’re good to go!

The Jellyroll fold is great for: containing messy poops.

Thanks for reading! What is your favorite way to use a prefold? Let me know below! Also, please let me know if any of this is worded in a confusing way, so I can clarify. To read my full prefold guide click here.

How to fold a prefold cloth diaper

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