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why cloth diapers are cool #makeclothmainstream


It’s no secret that I love my cloth diapers. I love watching my kids wiggle/roll/crawl/run around with those fluffy little butts. I love the colors and the patterns. Below are six reasons why cloth diapering is cool!

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Okay, okay. So this is an obvious one. Everybody knows that cloth diapers are more environmentally conscious compared to disposables. If your child has approximately six diaper changes per day (trust me, it’s a lot more than that in the beginning. Let’s call this an average.) and they are potty trained by the time they are about three, thats a little over 6,500 diaper changes (per child!) between birth and potty training! Just think about how much space that many disposable diapers takes up in a landfill. Disposable diapers also take a very long time to break down. Reducing this material waste is not only the responsible thing to do, but in recent years it has become trendy as well. We will count that as a bonus!


Right? With my first, I used disposable diapers for almost a YEAR before switching to cloth. Not only do disposables have an icky, plastic smell right off the bat, but they also stink more when they’re soiled! I find that disposables have a distinct dirty diaper smell that cloth diapers simply don’t have. Sure, either way you smell the poop and pee. Besides that, I really think that the absorbent stuff in disposables gets a weird smell when it’s wet. I also find that when my child is wearing a cloth diaper it is much less obvious to my nose when it’s dirty than if they were in a disposable diaper (especially with poop! Score!).


I highly recommend looking at a cloth diaper specific retailer when purchasing diapers (my favorite is Nicki’s Diapers… located in Wisconsin, where I live!). But, if you are looking for something unique to your style or favorite fandoms, there’s a diaper for that! There are many, MANY mom makers (especially on Etsy) where you can find tons of unique hand made diapers and diapering accessories. This is awesome because not only do you get to find a really cool diaper, but you also support another mom (or dad!) through your business. This helps keep the lights on for another family, which is super cool!


As I mentioned above, there are a ton of unique diapers for all kinds of interests and types of people. Whether you find these diapers in a small shop on Etsy, or you get them from a larger diaper website, there are many choices. You are sure to find something that fits your personality. Similarly to choosing your favorite look through clothing, with cloth diapers you can easily customize your baby’s bottom to match your personal style.


You know how, when you buy a car, you start seeing THAT car everywhere? Well, cloth diapers are similar. When I started cloth diapering, I realized that there were a lot other moms around me that were doing the same thing. Once you get over the “learning curve” of being new to cloth diapering, you may find that it is really fun (and addicting)! As moms, we sometimes feel disconnected from others. It is always heart warming to find a topic of common interest with another person, especially when your whole world revolves around your kids. Personally, I love talking about cloth diapering with other cloth diaper moms. That’s cool, right? 😉


What? Saving money isn’t “cool”? We’re all entitled to our own opinion. The way I see it, if you go the money-saving route with your diapers (and trust me, there are definitely ways to overspend), you will have more money left over for other things (like food, or bath bombs). Above I stated that a child will have about 6,500 diaper changes (a rough estimate) in their first three years of life. If you go the SUPER budget-friendly route for disposables and spend $0.16 per diaper, that comes out to about $1040 over the course of three years. If you go the route of cloth diapers and you have a stash of 20 diapers, which you buy new and spend $15 for each, that comes to only $300. Plus, you can reuse your diapers for subsequent children. The savings really add up. Soon I will write a post going into more detail on the real cost of cloth diapering. Stay tuned!

Do you think cloth diapering is cool? What are your favorite parts of cloth diapering? Do you identify on a personal level with other cloth mamas? Let me know in the comments!


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